The Patriot Sweeper (パトリオットスイーパー Patoriotto Suiipaa?) is one of Rolento's special attacks, introduced as his Super Art in Street Fighter X Tekken, returning as his first Ultra Combo in Ultra Street Fighter IV. The move combines his Patriot Circle move with his affinity for grenades.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter X Tekken Super Art Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch x3
Ultra Street Fighter IV Ultra Combo I Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch x3



Rolento preparing to toss his grenades in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Rolento hunches forward with a sadistic smile while pointing his staff towards his opponent ("Ready!"). He then proceeds to perform his Patriot Circle; if the move connects properly ("Get set!"), Rolento performs the full cycle of the move, the third part hitting only once but launching the opponent a short distance upwards.

Rolento then jumps up very high ("Woo!"), throws his staff off, smiles menacingly at the "camera", pulls off and throws downwards a handful of grenades ("Fire!"). They fall surrounding the recovering opponent, who looks at them shocked. Immediately, the grenades glow and detonate simultaneously, inflicting severe damage to the defenseless opponent. Rolento then lands harmlessly on his feet and catches his staff as it falls back.

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