Perfume Swing is Poison's first V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Neutral or



Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Poison throws and fastens her whip to the ceiling and swings onto it, kicking her opponent as she traverses across the stage. By pressing back, plus Medium Punch and Medium Kick, she travels a shorter distance.


Perfume Swing that can travel one of two distances. She can use her V-Skill to bait her opponent into making a mistake. It can also travel over most projectiles if spaced correctly. Similar to Love Me Tender, this is a good tool against other zoning characters. As they are about to throw a fireball or while they are recovering after launching a projectile, Poison can swing over their attack and put herself in range for a damaging jump-in combo.

It can be cancelled from most of her normals or even EX Shocking Heel. The swinging kick not only results in a knockdown, but it also allows Poison to follow up with another aerial strike. She can perform her Slap & Slash target combo to push her opponent back to the other side of the stage or follow up with Jumping Heavy Kick for better okizeme. Another option is ending the aerial combo with Jumping Light Kick instead. While the damage is minimal, Poison can dash forward twice and follow-up with a meaty Crouching Medium Punch to beat out her opponent's wake-up 3-frame normals.



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