"Want a treat?"

Poison Cocktail is Poison's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Neutral or



Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Poison gains access to Molotov cocktails to be used in the fight as an exclusive special move called Fire Squall. By pressing back, plus Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick, Poison tosses the bottle straight up. Otherwise, pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously has Poison throwing the cocktail at her opponent. When the bottle hits the ground or makes contact with her opponent, it explodes and creates a small carpet of fire.


Poison Cocktail is one of Poison's more versatile V-Triggers. It can be cancelled from each of her Standing and Crouching normals, making some of her punishable attacks safer on block. Additionally, it is a 2-bar V-Trigger, which means that Poison does not have to sacrifice a considerable amount of health to obtain this move. It is also possible she can use her first V-Trigger twice in the same round. While Poison Cocktail is activated, she can throw out her Molotov cocktail at the cost of half of her V-Gauge. She can use Fire Squall twice before her V-Meter is completely depleted.

The cocktails can be thrown either straight up or ahead. Despite its 19-frame startup, it results in a knockdown on hit. Fire Squall is also -2 on block, making it difficult for her opponent to punish. While the initial hit of the cocktail doesn't inflict much damage, it leaves behind a carpet of fire that causes steady chip damage, similar to Dhalsim's Yoga Burner. Poison can throw both Molotov cocktails to set up two separate flame carpets on different parts of the stage.

Fire Squall also serves a solid combo extender. Because it can cancel from some of Poison's special moves such as Shocking Heel and EX Avant Line, it opens up multiple options for combos and damage potential. Hitting the opponent with Fire Squall pops them in the air high enough for her to follow-up with another Shocking Heel for optimal damage, or Heavy Heart Raid for good okizeme.

Poison can also score some interesting setups with her first V-Trigger. After finishing a combo with EX Avant Line, she can toss her second cocktail at her opponent for guaranteed chip damage. If she ends a combo with EX Medium Heart Raid, Poison can throw the projectile up high to keep her opponent on their heels. Because the bottle is still in the air, the opponent has to respect both the cocktail and Poison's pressure. If they do not quick or back rise, she can use her V-Skill to swing over them and put her opponent in a potential left/right mix-up, forcing them to guess where to block as the projectile comes down on top of them.


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