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"Poison Kiss! Had enough yet? (ポイズンキッス! 満足した? Poizun Kissu! Manzoku shita??)"

The Poison Kiss (ポイズンキッス Poizun Kissu?) is one of Poison's special attacks, introduced as one of her Super Moves in Final Fight Revenge, and reappears as her second Ultra Combo in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Poison Kiss also appears as a Cross Art in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Appearance Function Input
Final Fight Revenge Super Move Quarter-circle forwardQuarter-circle forward + Punch
Ultra Street Fighter IV Ultra Combo II Half-circle backwardHalf-circle backward + All 3 punch buttons
Poison 510


Final Fight Revenge[]

Poison blows a large heart-shaped kiss at the opponent that travels in an oscillating path. If it connects, a quick peep of four random images show of Poison in several erotic poses is displayed, and afterwards the opponent is shown stunned with hearts dancing over their head. Defeating an opponent with this attack results in Poison doing a pole dance for her win pose, with her whip serving as the pole. If the attack miss, the heart-shaped kiss breaks.

Ultra Street Fighter IV[]

Poison performing Poison Kiss against Cammy

Poison blows a heart-shaped kiss towards the opponent as she says the Ultra Combo's name. The move is a command grab with short reach; if the move does not connect, the heart-shaped kiss Poison blew towards the opponent can be seen to break in half, with the sound of glass shattering in the background.

If the kiss touches the opponent, Poison slaps them in the face first with her forehand and then with her backhand before kicking them forcefully in the groin, taunting them as they collapse slowly to the ground afterwards. This version of the move appears to be based off her Cross Art from Street Fighter X Tekken, where she kicks her foe in the groin before using her crop to slam them towards her tag partner.