The Power Bomb is one of Alex's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

All appearances Arcade Stick HCB +Arcade Button Punch

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Alex using his Power Bomb to slam Cammy into the ground in Street Fighter V.

Executed by performing a half-circle backward motion and pressing punch, Alex places his opponent's head in between his legs, putting them in a standing headscissors position. With his arms around their waist, Alex jumps and lifts his opponent up on his shoulders. As Alex drops down, he slams his opponent back-first on to the ground.

Street Fighter III seriesEdit

If Alex uses this while the enemy is not facing him, the move becomes a German Suplex instead, later called in Street Fighter V as the Power Drop. This can be done right after landing behind the enemy, or while the enemy is stunlocked from a successful Flash Chop.

Street Fighter V seriesEdit

During the EX version, right after Alex puts his opponent in a standing headscissors and wraps his arms around their waist, he pushes off the ground with his legs to flip himself and his opponent over. After completing the rotation, Alex slams his opponent back-first on to the ground.

Tactics Edit

This is a great command throw that has a fast startup and inflicts more damage than any of Alex's normal throws. However, his command throw have a lot of recovery frames, leaving Alex defenseless if he whiffs.

Because it's a command grab, this move cannot be blocked. It is great for keeping the opponent on their heels, as well as utilizing tick throws. With it's fast startup, he can use this move to break down their defenses and deal a large chunk of damage at the same time. Alex can condition his opponent to constantly block his offensive pressure and frametrap normals, and then surprise them with his command throw.

A common tactic is to use Alex's Flash Chop. Because the Flash Chop doesn't usually lead to a knockdown and because it leaves Alex plus on block, he can mixup his command grabs and pressuring frametraps to keep his opponent guessing and remaining on the defensive.

The strength of the punch button determines the range and damage inflicted. The Light version does the least amount of damage, but has the longer range. The Heavy version has the shortest range, but inflicts the most damage. The EX version has the longer range and inflicts more damage, compared to her normal versions.

By utilizing his command throws to pressure the opponent, Alex can break down their defense and shut down their offense.

It is advised to vary usage of this move and regular throws, as regular throws allow alex to punish jump away or neutral jumps that would punish this command grab. In turn by varying between this and his regular grab the power bomb beats tech attempts that would stop his regular throw.

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Attack FramesEdit

Street Fighter IIIEdit

  • Power Bomb Startup Frame 1
  • Power Bomb Startup Frame 2
  • Power Bomb Startup Frame 3
  • Power Bomb Startup Frame 4
  • Power Bomb Startup Frame 5
  • Power Bomb Startup Frame 6
  • Power Bomb Startup Frame 7
  • Power Bomb Startup Frame 8
  • Power Bomb Frame 9.
  • Power Bomb Frame 10.
  • Power Bomb Frame 11.
  • Power Bomb Frame 12.
  • Power Bomb Frame 13.
  • Power Bomb Frame 14.
  • Power Bomb Frame 15.
  • Power Bomb Frame 16.
  • Power Bomb Frame 17.
  • Power Bomb Frame 18.
  • Power Bomb Frame 19.
  • Power Bomb Frame 20.
  • Power Bomb Frame 21.
  • Power Bomb Frame 21.
  • Power Bomb Frame 22.
  • Power Bomb Frame 23.
  • Power Bomb Frame 23.
  • Power Bomb Frame 26.
  • Power Bomb Frame 27.
  • Power Bomb Frame 28.
  • Power Bomb Frame 29.
  • Power Bomb Frame 30.
  • Power Bomb Frame 31.
  • Power Bomb Frame 32.
  • Power Bomb Frame 33.
  • Power Bomb Frame 34.
  • Power Bomb Frame 35.
  • Power Bomb Frame 36.
  • Power Bomb Frame 37.
  • Power Bomb Frame 38.
  • Power Bomb Frame 39.
  • Power Bomb Frame 40.
  • Power Bomb Frame 40.
  • Power Bomb Frame 41.
  • Power Bomb Frame 42.
  • Power Bomb Frame 43.
  • Power Bomb Frame 44.
  • Power Bomb Frame 45.
  • Power Bomb Frame 46.
  • Power Bomb Frame 47.

Trivia Edit

  • This move is arguably based on a popular professional wrestling move called the Powerbomb.
  • The EX version has Alex performing a flip before delivering the Power Bomb. This move is arguably based off of a professional wrestling move called the Flip Piledriver, where the wrestler performs a piledriver at the end of the move, instead of a powerbomb.
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