"Power up!"

Prophecy of Thoth is Menat's second V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

Prophecy of Thoth Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick
Judgement of Thoth Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Punch


Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Menat spins and raises one of her arms to summon six small orbs of Soul Energy, similar to her first V-Trigger. For the duration of the V-Trigger, Menat gains access to a couple of new attacks.

Prophecy of Thoth

Performing a quarter-circle backward motion and pressing punch allows her to deliver the Judgment of Thoth, which makes Menat launch all six orbs at the same time toward her opponent. The strength of the punch button pressed determines the projectiles' angle. The Light version fires the orbs straight at her opponent. The Medium version launches the projectiles upward. The Heavy version sends the orbs upwards, before then fires down at the opponent in two separate waves; three orbs per wave.

Menat also gains access to a second move called Prophecy of Thoth during the V-Trigger. This move can only be used after Menat has deployed all of her projectiles. By pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Menat summons six more orbs of Soul Power to use at her disposal.


While Menat's first V-Trigger is complex and execution-heavy, Prophecy of Thoth is much simpler to use since it has one input command that lets her fire all of the orbs at once. She loses most of the benefits that came with her first V-Trigger. For example, some of her attacks remain unsafe since she cannot fire the orbs to interrupt her opponent's counterattack. Also, her second V-Trigger lacks the juggle and combo potential that comes with Wisdom of Thoth.

However, this move is a 2-bar V-Trigger. This means that Menat doesn't have to sacrifice much of her health to obtain this move. Also, it is possible that she can use Prophecy of Thoth twice in one round. While Wisdom of Thoth only gives her six orbs to use in one activation, her second V-Trigger allows Menat to deploy a new set of orbs after she has released them.

Judgement of Thoth lets Menat fire all six orbs at her opponent at the same time. Each version is safe on block and can be canceled from normal moves that link into her V-Trigger. While the move's startup and damage inflicted are the same for each versions, each give her a different options to extend combos and pressure her opponent.

The Light version is Menat's best combo extender and the safest on block. Not only it has great hitstun on her opponent, but it lets her convert into combos when she is at a distance. The Medium version fires the orbs upwards, giving Menat another solid anti-air option. It can also extend juggle combos if she begins with her crouching V-Skill.

The Heavy version can also be used to extend combos. However, it is only effective if Menat is very close to her opponent. Because the orbs fire in two separate waves, Menat can use the first wave to link a couple of her attacks together before the second wave comes down. The Heavy version is also mainly used to keep her opponent on their heels in the neutral game. As the projectiles ascend and dive toward her opponent, Menat gets a free jump-in or forward dash since the projectiles forces them to block or respect the orbs.

Because Prophecy of Thoth forces Menat to fire all of the projectiles at the same time, it lacks versatility and combo potential. However, her second V-Trigger is a preferred choice for players who are trying to learn Menat, yet are struggling with execution on some of her moves and gameplay.


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