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Psycho Charge Alpha (サイコチャージアルファ Saiko Chāji Arufa) is one of Juni's special attacks that can only be used in the Dramatic Battle Mode mode while paired up with Juli in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

All appearances Kick x3


Pressing the button equivalent to three kicks together, Juni will use Psycho Power to regenerate a small part of her life. It is a non-offensive, rare ability that restores health. Juni stands in position and starts charging, replenishing a fraction of her health but as she is immobilized she is left susceptible to attacks.

This move has the opposite effect of Juli's Psycho Charge Beta and Decapre's Psycho Transaction.


The best tactic is to make her partner fight against the opponent while Juni replenishes her life.

This attack is not an offensive attack and only restores life, not cause damage to the opponent. But while Juni uses this move it is totally unprotected and susceptible to enemy attacks.


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