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M. Bison using Psycho Drive

The Psycho Drive (サイコドライブ Saiko Doraibu?) is the name of a machine created by Shadaloo while doing research in genetic engineering to develop a perfect body for M. Bison. The purpose of the machine is to channel psychic energies to M. Bison, and it would become the ultimate weapon for Shadaloo to dominate the world and rule over mankind.


Contrary to popular belief, the Psycho Drive is not the main energy source of M. Bison. He uses it to channel and store negative energy. The energy can be used to charge his "Psycho Power", or as a weapon. However, the continued use of the Psycho Drive is the reason for the deterioration of his body, which is damaging his physical and mental health quickly while using absurd amounts of energy.[1]

Through the combined use of the Psycho Drive with the satellite Shadaloo has in Earth orbit, it is possible for Shadaloo to shoot beams of psychic energy from anywhere in the world and to amplify it through a magnifying glass on the satellite giant. This beam of energy is directed from the Psycho Drive to the satellite by way of one of the statues in Sagat's stage, which is revealed to be mechanical in nature.[1] The destructive power achieved by the reflection of a mental ray on an entire city could destroy it altogether, and this is an asset that M. Bison is waiting for the right time to use.

The machine also grants M. Bison a sort of invincibility; whenever he is defeated, he retreats to the Psycho Drive to regenerate himself. In addition, it can be used for the purpose of brainwashing people.[1]

In Ingrid's Street Fighter Alpha 3 storyline the Psycho Drive is shown to be being powered by one of her head crests. When Bison attempts to draw power from the Psycho Drive, the crest overloads the machine and destroys Bison's body. Ingrid then retrieves her crest and takes the Psycho Drive into the year 201X (which could possibly be 2016 as she mentions that Ryu has become a monk, as is the case in Street Fighter V, a game where she makes two cameo appearances in).

Street Fighter Alpha series[]

When Cammy gains self-awareness thanks to Dhalsim, she challenges M. Bison to battle and defeats him, then uses the Psycho Drive to remove the brainwashing from the other Dolls.[2] During Chun-Li and Charlie's mission to destroy Shadaloo, they learn the Psycho Drive powers M. Bison. After Guile fights M. Bison, the trio go inside the base. While Guile and Charlie plant bombs around the Psycho Drive to destroy it, M. Bison encounters them and Charlie rigs the charges to explode, taking the Psycho Drive and M. Bison with him.[3] Before the explosion and during Guile and Chun-Li's escape, Chun-Li encounters Cammy, directing the Dolls to safety.