Psycho Feder is one of Falke's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by holding the any punch button, Falke charges up her hand with Psycho Power. By releasing the selected punch button while airborne, she aims her weapon downward and releases the negative energy through her staff like a sniper rifle blast. The projectile travels toward the ground at a near 45° angle.

When using her first V-Trigger, pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously while in the air allows Falke to perform Psycho Jaeger, a stronger version of Psycho Feder that bounces off the ground.


Psycho Feder gives Falke a unique way to attack the opponent while she is in the air. If she manages to hit her opponent with Luftjagd, then she can cancel into this attack to maintain offensive pressure while airborne. This move can be used during a neutral, forward, and backward jump. Falke needs to be at least halfway up in the air in order to perform Psycho Feder. While she rarely gets any follow-ups on hit, this projectile inflicts more damage than Psycho Kugel and Psycho Kanonen.

This move is not only one of Falke's best zoning tools, but it is also effective against other zoning characters. The projectile travels about 3/4 of the screen. Using Psycho Feder also causes her to momentarily hop in the air. This lets her to safely avoid oncoming attacks. It can also force her opponent to take risks, allowing her to bait her opponent to bait out certain attacks. However, using this move doesn't guarantee that Falke is safe. If improperly spaced, her opponent has enough time to block the projectile and punish her with a damaging ground combo.

This move can be performed, regardless of the punch button is held and released. The player can also alternate punch button(s) as long one punch button is held. Also, the projectile's angle remains constant. However, by charging up for this attack, Falke has to sacrifice one of her options.

  • Light Punch: By holding Light Punch, Falke cannot perform her air throw. She also loses one of her fastest normals.
  • Medium Punch: By holding Medium Punch, Falke loses one of her stronger air-to-air attacks.
  • Heavy Punch: By holding Heavy Punch, Falke cannot perform her any of her special attacks while her V-Trigger is active, such as Psycho Jaeger.

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  • Feder in German means "feather".
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