"1, 2, 3!"

Psycho Flicker is one of Ed's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Modifier TapArcade Button Punch


Executed by rapidly pressing the punch button, Ed rapidly delivers a flurry of backhanded fists up with his hand radiating with Psycho Power.



Psycho Flicker is primarily used to end combos. The damage output of this attack by itself is minimal. However, one of Ed's main weakness is his lack of range on his special attacks. Psycho Flicker has the the best range out of all of Ed's special moves. It can link from most of his normals. Unlike Psycho Upper, this attack can be linked from Ed's Light attacks. Psycho Flicker can also be cancelled into Ed's Critical Art.

This move is a very useful tool for Ed to use in the neutral game. It has a 6-frame startup, making it one of his fastest moves. Psycho Flicker is also +3 on hit and causes a standing reset. This allows Ed to can continue pressure, with Standing Medium Punch or Crouching Medium Punch to frametrap his opponent, even disrupting their 3-frame attacks. Psycho Flicker is Ed's primary choice to end block strings, even on block. Even though this move is -3 on block, the pushback of this attack makes it difficult for his opponent to punish.

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