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Psycho Knuckle is one of Ed's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V HoldHeavy Punch


Ed initiating the Psycho Knuckle.

Executed by holding the Heavy Punch button, then releasing, Ed gathers Psycho Power in his glove and performs a simple dash forward and follows-up with a straight punch using his energized fist. If this attack connects, Ed steps over to the opposite side (unless his opponent is pushed into the corner.


Ed utilizing the Psycho Knuckle against Balrog.

This move is one of few moves that results in a crumple on hit, regardless of how far or close Ed performs this attack. Even if the Psycho Knuckle trades with his opponent's attack, they're still put in a crumple state. Because Heavy Punch has to be held to use this move, the startup of this attack is very long with a total of 30 frames. However, Psycho Knuckle has good range, covering about 2/3 of the screen; similar to Balrog's Dash Straight. Compared to his other special moves, this one is the most safe. Being at -2 on block, it can be difficult for his opponent to punish.

Psycho Knuckle is primarily a combo starter, giving Ed a free hit if it connects. However, the type of follow-up he can use depends on how early or late he hit his opponent during the animation of the active frames. Ideally, there are three different timings that can affect which follow-up Ed can use against his opponent: early, normal, and late.


If Ed hits his opponent with Psycho Knuckle near the beginning of the active frames, then his position may be slightly too far from his opponent to perform maximum damage. In order for these follow-up combos to work, Ed has to hit his opponent during frames 1-7 of the crumple to keep them in a crouching state. Any hit comes after the 7th frame pops the opponent back in the air and puts them in a reset. During the crumple, Ed can link into Standing Medium Punch or Crouching Light Punch for decent combos and inflict respectable damage on the follow-up, allowing him to end the combo with either a Psycho Upper or Psycho Flicker.


Hitting his opponent with this attack during the middle of the active frames leaves Ed much closer to them, compared to the early timing. This is considered to be the "sweet spot" for this move because it gives him access to perform any type of follow-up combos while staying within range. Unlike the early timing, Ed can link Crouching Heavy Punch from Standing Medium Punch to perform optimal damage combos. Ed can also use Psycho Spark > EX Psycho Shot, ending the combo with either a second Psycho Knuckle for maximum stun or his Psycho Snatcher V-Skill for the hard knockdown.


If Ed hits his opponent with Psycho Knuckle toward the end of the active frames, then his follow-up options are limited, since all follow-up hits result in a pop-up due to his opponent being in an airborne state. He can still link into Crouching Heavy Kick to get the guaranteed knockdown. Another follow-up option from a late-timed hit can be linking into either a Psycho Rising or Psycho Spark. However, these options require Ed to at least spend one bar of meter to inflict decent damage.