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Psycho Kugel is one of Falke's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by holding any punch button, Falke charges up her hand with Psycho Power. By releasing the selected punch button, she releases the negative energy through her staff like a shotgun blast that can hit her opponent up to three times.

When using her first V-Trigger, pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously allows Falke to perform Psycho Shrot, which a powered up version of Psycho Kugel that emits three bullets and travels further.


Psycho Kugel is primarily used to end combos. The damage and stun inflicted by itself is minimal. However, it is one of Falke's best zoning tools. It can be cancelled from most of her normals. Psycho Kugel can cancelled into V-Trigger, as well as her Critical Art.

Despite being a projectile, this move does not hit fullscreen. It is one of her mid-range attacks. While it does have a 14-frame startup, Psycho Kugel is Falke's safest special moves. It is +2 on block and has respectable pushback. During blockstrings, Falke can end combos with Psycho Kugel to create separation and give herself frame advantage. Regardless whether or not the attack hits, finishing combos with this attack puts her in position to frustrate her opponent with mid-range normals and long-range specials.

This move can be performed, regardless of the punch button is held and released. The player can also alternate punch button(s) as long one punch button is held. However, by charging up for this attack, Falke has to sacrifice one of her options.

  • Light Punch: By holding Light Punch, Falke cannot perform any of her throws or tech any of her opponent's throws. She also loses one of her safest normals.
  • Medium Punch: By holding Medium Punch, Falke cannot perform her V-Skill. She also loses one of her stronger and safer normals that can link into her other normals or special attacks.
  • Heavy Punch: By holding Heavy Punch, Falke cannot activate or perform her V-Trigger. She also loses one of her long-range normals, including her Psycho Spitze. Falke also loses access to one of her more reliable anti-air attacks with Crouching Heavy Punch.



  • Kugel in German means "bullet".