Psycho Mine is Falke's second V-Skill, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Falke charges up the top half of her staff with Psycho Power. She then gently blows on the energized part of the weapon. This causes a bubble filled with negative energy to appear in front of her. If Falke hits the orb with her staff (or after about five seconds), the bubble detonates to release and explosion of Psycho Power.

Tactics Edit

This move takes a total of 52 frames to perform. Falke can place the Psycho Mine in four different places, depending on which direction is pressed. If no directional inputs are used, the bubble travels about 3/4 of the screen before detonating. Pressing down sends a low mine to the same distance. If back is pressed, then Falke sets up a high stationary mine in front of her. Pressing down-back places a stationary low in front of her. While on the screen, mine itself has no hitbox. If she is hit beforehand, then the bubble disappears. However, it detonates about five seconds after being placed on the screen.

Falke also can use her Psycho Powered normals or special moves to hit the bubble and make it explode. Standing Medium Punch, Crouching Heavy Punch and Psycho Spitze can detonate the high mine. Crouching Medium Punch and Standing/Crouching Light Punch can trigger the low mine. Falke's Standing Heavy Punch can detonate both the low and high mine. However, cancelling her Standing Heavy Punch doesn't hit the low mine. While Falke's Psycho Kanonen only triggers the low mine, Psycho Kugel and Psycho Schneide can hit both.

Despite the number of frames needed to perform this move, Falke can place a mine during the neutral game. Because she specializes in keeping her opponent at a distance with her long-range normals and special attacks, she can perform her second V-Skill if she's has enough separation. She can also hit her opponent with her Zweitrit target combo to score a knockdown and freely link into her Psycho Mine. It also gives her frame advantage, even if her opponent quick rises.

This is one of the most versatile V-Skills in the game. Having the mine on the screen makes Falke a huge threat in the neutral game. She can use it as pseudo-wall to hide behind or while approaching her opponent. If they attempt to counter or attack her to make the bubble disappear, then she Falke can use her Psycho Powered normals to detonate the mine and retaliate. Falke can also use the mine to make most of her special moves safe, even on block. For example, she can keep them back with her Psycho Spitze. Despite being -10 on block, using this unique attack to make the mine explode to add more block stun and giving frame advantage back to Falke.

Her second V-Skill also can enhance Falke's combo potential. She can combo from and/or into her Psycho Mine. While it takes knowledge of the character's moves and frame data, Falke can pull off some fancy combos that inflict a lot of damage while building V-Meter. Additionally, Falke can place another mine on the screen after performing a combo and knocking down her opponent. However, she can only place one mine at a time.

Falke's first V-Skill gives her a move to negate or deflect projectiles, as well as a combo ender to build V-Meter. Psycho Trombe also assists with Falke's V-Trigger activations. However, Psycho Mine greatly enhances her neutral game. She has more damage and combo potential using her second V-Skill, even though it's mostly set-up based. She can use this particular V-Skill against characters with no projectiles, such as Cammy, and make it more difficult for them to close the distance with the Psycho Mine on the screen.


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