"Psycho Power! (サイコパワー! Saiko Pawaa!?)"
M. Bison

Psycho Power is the name of M. Bison's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

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Description[edit | edit source]

Psycho Power activating his V-Trigger.

When active, all of Bison's dashes are replaced with Bison Warp-style teleports; this somewhat offsets his normally slow walk speed and lack of the aforementioned move by allowing him to advance on and potentially cross-up opponents rapidly and at will.

Several of his special attacks also gain similar properties, such as the Devil Reverse, which allows him to teleport behind opponents in mid-air. It also allows him to cancel normal moves into special moves and special moves into EX Special moves without the use of charging.

When Psycho Power is active, his other special moves also gains special properties. The Head Press becomes a better tool for Bison to approach the opponent. If blocked, M. Bison will land safely right in front of the opponent, rather than bouncing off of them.

His Psycho Blast also becomes stronger. It has a faster startup and becomes safe, even if the opponent blocks it. As for his Psycho Inferno, it has a faster startup and an increased hit count, doing more damage. His Double Knee Press also becomes more dangerous and safe on block.

M. Bison can also link special moves into other EX special moves, making his combos even more damaging.

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