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"The end has come! Kneel before my Psycho Power! BAH! Such weakness...
(これで終わりだ! サイコパワーの前にひれ伏せぇぇい! 弱い! 弱過ぎるぞ! Kore de owarida! Saikopawaa no mae ni hirefuseeei! Yowai! Yowa sugiru zo!?)
M. Bison

The Psycho Punisher (サイコパニッシャー Saiko Panisshaa?) is M. Bison's second Ultra Combo, introduced in Super Street Fighter IV.

Input (all appearances)
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Kick x3
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Arcade Stick CBArcade-Stick-RightArcade Stick LR+Arcade Button Punch x3
Street Fighter 6 Arcade Stick QCBArcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Kick
Arcade Stick Left+Modern SP+Modern H
M. Bison 420


Bison psycho punisher

Bison's Psycho Power bursts through Cammy.

Bison crouches down with his fingers "clawed" in a menacing way, jumps towards his opponent and stomps hard on the ground right below. If the attack is successful, the stomp impact causes the opponent to be lifted off the ground. While levitating slightly, Bison catches the opponent by the head with one hand, gathers some Psycho Power in his other hand and drives the same fist straight into the opponent's stomach. A single instant later, the gathered Psycho energy bursts right through the opponent from the stomach to the back. Bison then viciously pulls his fist out of the opponent's stomach.

Originally performed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing all 3 punch buttons, the directional command for this attack was changed to a charge motion in the Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV, likely as a re-balancing method; the previous motions may have been considered uncharacteristic for Bison, who is traditionally a charge character.

A variant of this move appears as his Cross Art in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Psycho Punisher returns in Street Fighter 6 as Bison's Level 2 Super Art. The move does a similar startup animation from Street Fighter IV, where M. Bison performs a Shadow Rise toward the opponent; spinning in midair during the descent while delivering a Head Press. If the attack hits the opponent, the impact of the stomp lifts them off the ground, causing them to flip in midair. M. Bison then catches the opponent by the face with one hand, while accumulating negative energy with his other hand. He then delivers an uppercut with his Psycho Powered palm into the opponent's chest. The negative energy from the strike then bursts to launch the opponent upward. M. Bison then holds his arm up and balances the opponent on their sternum with his fingers before tossing them away.


The player can combo into this move with his Hell Attack on an airborne opponent and immediately follow-up with the Ultra Combo. However, as of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, the Ultra Combo needs very specific timing and spacing on Hell Attack due to the aforementioned motion change.

This Ultra Combo has Armor Breaking properties, and is completely invulnerable on startup, and invulnerable to projectiles only during its descent. This makes it a useful projectile counter, but the downside is that most players don't throw fireballs when a player has a charge. Psycho Punisher must also be blocked high.[1]

The player can pull off very ambiguous cross-ups with this Ultra Combo; even something as simple as a forward throw sets up the opponent for a guessing game where they aren't sure which side the Ultra Combo will land on. However, this is a very risky gambit, since this Ultra Combo is unsafe on block and invincible reversals will avoid it, but can turn the tide against characters with bad wakeup tactics.


M. Bison holding Cammy in the air during Psycho Punisher.

In Street Fighter 6, its reversion to a motion input makes it easier to do as a response to projectiles, and it is completely invulnerable for its startup and active frames. The trajectory of the jump can also be controlled while M. Bison is in the air. However, the extremely slow startup at 26 frames make it poor as a reversal and somewhat difficult to use outside of juggles. Also, if the opponent already have a Psycho Mine inside them while M. Bison performs this move, then the bomb is negated. M. Bison can cancel this move from his normals or OD moves such as Backfist Combo. M. Bison can sometimes leap to the other side of the opponent during the combo, giving him way to switch sides and put them back in the corner while inflicting massive damage.



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Super Street Fighter 4 - M.Bison Ultra 2 Psycho Punisher

Super Street Fighter IV (Japanese voices).



  • Psycho Punisher's animation in Street Fighter 6 resembles main antagonist Raoh's Shinkesshū technique as it appears in the manga series Fist of the North Star.