Psycho Rising and Psycho Splash are two of Ed's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Psycho Rising Arcade Button 2xKick
Psycho Splash Arcade Button 2xKick>Arcade Button Punch

Description Edit

Executed by pressing two kick buttons, Ed performs the Psycho Rising, leaping upwards and performing a rising kick with his foot infused with Psycho Power.

Pressing any Punch button after Psycho Rising allows Ed to perform Psycho Splash. Ed delivers a diving punch to his opponent with his arm surrounded by negative energy.


Psycho Rising Edit


Psycho Rising can be used as an anti-air option. While startup it is longer than a traditional anti-air attack such as Shoryuken, Ed is projectile invincible at the beginning of this move. He is also fully invincible at the start of the active frames of this move. Compared to most anti-air attacks, Psycho Rising has more active frames and a larger hitbox. This makes it easier for Ed to stuff jump-ins. In addition, this attack is very effective against characters with divekicks, such as Cammy.

However, Psycho Rising's range is very limited. It can be difficult to combo into this move due its long startup frames or the lack of range on Ed's normals. Additionally, it is very unsafe at -38 on block. If this attack whiffs or if his opponent blocks it, Ed is vulnerable to Crush Counter moves. While Psycho Rising may be somewhat reliable, it is also very risky to use.

This attack is primarily used as a combo extender. It puts his opponent in a juggle state on hit, allowing Ed to link with Psycho Splash. Pairing both attacks in the same combo results in good damage and positional advantage for follow-ups.

Psycho Splash Edit


Psycho Splash can only be used if Psycho Rising hits the opponent. If blocked or whiffed, then the move won't come out, leaving Ed vulnerable to damaging combos. However, it causes an additional juggle state on hit, ending in a knockdown. Because he lands fairly close to his opponent, Ed can maintain offensive pressure by dashing forward and follow-up with a meaty attack. He can also use Standing Heavy Kick to fish for Crush Counter hits.

The strength of the punch button pressed has no effect on this move. However, pressing two punch buttons allows Ed to perform the EX Psycho Splash. The EX version causes a greater juggle state, allowing Ed to follow up with another attack such as EX Psycho Upper or his V-Skill. If combined with his first V-Trigger, Ed can pull off some tricky combos and put his opponent in tricky mix-ups or reset situations.


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