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Psycho Schneide is one of Falke's special attacks in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing two punch buttons simultaneously, Falke performs an upward thrust with her staff infused with Psycho Power.


Psycho Schneide is mainly used to end combos. It is Falke's fastest special move with an 8-frame startup. Psycho Schneide hits her opponent twice. It also inflicts more damage than her Katapult and her projectiles. During the startup frames, Falke's head-region is invincible to all attacks. Psycho Schneide can be cancelled from most of her normals, such as Crouching Light Punch or Standing Medium Kick. Falke can also cancel this move into her Critical Art.

Hitting her opponent with this move results in a knockdown. It also sends them back to almost 3/4 of the screen. She won't be close enough to maintain pressure. However, Falke's gameplay revolves around frustrating her opponent with her mid-range normals and long-range special attacks. While ending combos with Katapult rewards her better okizeme, Psycho Schneide gives her optimal damage. Unlike Psycho Kugel and Psycho Kanonen, this move is very unsafe. Psycho Schneide is -17 on block, which gives his opponent an opportunity to punish Falke with a full ground combo.

The EX version is performed by pressing all three punch buttons. It hits her opponent three and inflicts more damage. With its widened hitbox, EX Psycho Schneide is a solid choice to end juggle combos. It is fully invincible on startup, making it Falke's primary wake-up reversal option. In return, EX Psycho Schneide has a longer startup than her normal version when performed on its own, but when cancelled into from light attacks it is fast enough to combo. It also leaves her vulnerable in a Counter Hit state during recovery.


Trivia Edit

  • Schneide in German means "cutting edge".
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