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The Psycho Seele is one of Falke's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Medium Kick, Heavy Kick, followed by Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Falke delivers a low round kick to her opponent's shins. If the attack connects, she finishes the combo with a spinning side kick that launches her opponent in the air. Falke finishes the combination by gently blowing on the energized part of the staff. This causes a bubble filled with Psycho Power to appear in front of her. If Falke hits the orb with her staff (or after about five seconds), the mine detonates to release and explosion of negative energy.


This target combo is only exclusive to Falke if she is equipped with her second V-Skill. The first two hits result in a knockdown and creates separation. This allows Falke to freely and safely perform her V-Skill. Having the Psycho Mine out on the screen enhances Falke's neutral game. With the bubble in front of her, the opponent is forced to respect the V-Skill. Falke can detonate the mine using any of her Psycho Powered normals or special moves.

Falke can place the Psycho Mine in four different places, depending on which direction is pressed. If no directional inputs are used, the bubble travels about 3/4 of the screen before detonating. Pressing down sends a low mine to the same distance. If back is pressed, then Falke sets up a high stationary mine in front of her. Pressing down-back places a stationary low in front of her. While on the screen, mine itself has no hitbox. If she is hit beforehand, then the bubble disappears. However, it detonates about five seconds after being placed on the screen.

Psycho Seele allows Falke to freely place a Psycho Mine on the screen while her opponent is recovering. Falke still has frame advantage, even if they quick rise. Having the mine on the screen enhances Falke's defense and offense capabilities. She can hide behind the bubble like a pseudo-wall to approach the opponent and detonate it with a Psycho Powered normal or special move as they try to counter. On the other side, she can use her attacks to combo her opponent into and from the mine, creating more combo routes and optimizing damage potential.

However, Falke cannot performed this target combo if the second attack is blocked. Additionally, the Standing Heavy Kick whiffs if the opponent is crouching. If Falke gets hit before detonating the Psycho Mine, then the bubble disappears. While Psycho Seele is one of her more efficient ways to confirm into her second V-Skill, the damage she gets from the target combo itself is significantly less.



  • Seele in German means "soul".