The Psycho Shot (サイコショット Saiko Shotto?) is one of M. Bison's special attacks in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter Alpha series Special Attack Charge backwardForward + Punch
Marvel vs. Capcom series Special Attack Half-circle forward + Punch

Description[edit | edit source]

Executed by charging backward then pressing forward and punch, Bison forms a purple ball of energy using his Psycho Power then launches it at his opponent via one of his standing punch animations (his following-armed uppercut).

It is present in A-ISM and V-ISM and replaces the Psycho Crusher as a special attack, with the Psycho Crusher being used as a Super Combo.

While the stronger button versions dictate its speed, the versions used in the .vs Capom crossovers with Marvel in particular instead dictate the flight pattern of the shot, ranging from a low curve to a high curve.

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Street Fighter Alpha series

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