Psycho Spark and Psycho Shot are two of Ed's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Psycho Spark Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade-Button-MPunch
Psycho Shot Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade Button Punch


Executed by pressing forward and Medium Punch, Ed performs the Psycho Spark, delivering an uppercut with his fist infused with Psycho Power. After the initial attack, a purple orb filled with negative energy appears in front of Ed.

Pressing any Punch button after Psycho Spark allows Ed to perform Psycho Shot. Ed delivers a straight punch to the orb, sending toward his opponent.


Psycho Spark Edit


The Psycho Spark is a short-ranged attack that may whiff when cancelled from the tip of most of Ed's normals. However, it is one of Ed's safer special moves. Despite being -3 on block, Psycho Spark has enough pushback to get him out of range from most of his opponent's 3-frame normals, making this a good way to end block strings.

This move has a lot of active frames, making it a good option to create meaty setups in the corner. Psycho Spark can cover the first frame of both wake-up options, while being safe on block at the same time. If this attack hits on the last possible active frame, Ed can link it into his Medium normals, rather than cancel into Psycho Shot.

Besides being an effective attack on offense, Ed can use Psycho Spark to nullify single-hitting projectiles. From there, Ed can cancel right into Psycho Spark after negating his opponent's fireballs. Additionally, this move is a good way to keep his opponent guessing. Ed can use Psycho Spark to force his opponent to jump towards him in anticipation of the supposedly oncoming Psycho Shot. As they are descending, Ed has enough frames to intercept their jump-ins with his anti-air moves.

Psycho Shot Edit


The Psycho Shot is Ed's only long range attack to keep his opponent at a distance. The speed of the projectile is determined by the strength of the punch button pressed. The Light version has the slowest speed, while the Heavy version travels the fastest. The normal version of Psycho Shot hits once and inflicts decent damage. Ed can use this move to neutralize oncoming fireballs. However, Psycho Shot is not very effective against other zoning character due to its long startup.

The EX version deals more damage and travels the same speed as the Heavy version. However, this version results in a knockdown, allowing Ed to maintain okizeme with a forward jump. EX Psycho Shot is an excellent tool for maintaining pressure as it's +8 on block. On hit, it can also lead into some juggle combos

Compared to Psycho Spark, this attack is -4 on block. If his opponent blocks the projectile at point blank range, they may be in position to punish Ed. However, Psycho Shot has a small amount of pushback that can keep his opponent out of range from their fastest normals. In the corner, this move can be an effective combo extender, allowing him to link into Crouching Medium Kick to inflict more damage. Ed can also chase the projectile as it travels the screen, using it as a safe wall for pressure. However, if Ed has his first V-Trigger active, then he cannot perform this move.


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