The Psycho Sting (サイコスティング Saiko Sutingu?) is one of Decapre's special attacks in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Arcade Stick CDU + Arcade Button Punch



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Executed by charging downward and then moving upward and pressing punch, Decapre draws the dagger on her hand and performs a stabbing, Psycho Powered uppercut. The punch button determines the attack startup time.

The EX version has no startup time, throws the opponent highest, causes more damage and stun. This move is Armor Break.

Tactics Edit

Psycho Sting is a very useful tool defensively, but is also very useful to finish combos with as well.

The move can be FADC'd into an Air Throw, and can also be FADC'd into Psycho Stream, although this is more advanced and quite difficult to do.

Psycho Sting is Decapre's go to Anti-Air option; unfortunately, none of her normal moves are vey good for Anti-Air, and in most cases, those moves will trade at best (the player will hit the opponent, but they will also get hit). If players hit an Anti-Air Psycho Sting early in the opponents jump while they are still quite high in the air, players can combo/juggle into Decapre's DCM Anti-Air.

The attack can stop most jumping attacks, but the player still need to be careful as it is possible to jump over Decapre in a way that will cause the Psycho Sting to whiff and if it does, the opponent can punish the player, where as if they are hit but it is blocked, the player can FADC backwards to safety.

The LP version is strike invincible, so the player should use this for Anti-Air and to counter most attacks. The MP version is projectile invincible, so players can use this to build meter from a distance if the opponent is throwing fireballs, although it's a fairly short period of invincibility and can be difficult to time. The HP version is throw invincible, and the EX version is fully invincible to everything listed above.


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