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"Don't interfere! (邪魔、するな! Jama, suru na!?)"

The Psycho Stream (サイコストリーム Saiko Sutoriimu?) is Decapre's first Ultra Combo in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Charge backwardArcade-Stick-Right.pngBackward then forward + 3 punch buttons
Decapre 297


Decapre gathering the mass of Psycho Power in her hand.

Executed by charging backward, then pressing forward, backward, forward and all three punch buttons (or performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing all three pinch buttons in OMEGA Mode), Decapre gathers a massive amount of Psycho Power in her hand, and fires a ball of energy at the opponent. It moves slowly across the screen in a manner similar to Yoga Catastrophe, but dissipates after a certain amount of time. It hits a maximum of 9 times.


The Psycho Stream, while sharing visual similarities to Dhalsim's Yoga Catastrophe, is used much differently due to Decapre being an offensive character. The move can be used to gain breathing room if desired, and can also be used to inflict massive chip damage.

The move's primary strength is in its offensive pressure. Decapre can throw a Psycho Stream and then use Scramble, leaving the opponent to guess between high and low blocking while also contending with the incoming Psycho Stream (which will prevent a punish in most situations). The Psycho Stream can also be used to negate fireballs if so desired.

A useful, but very difficult tactic is to perform a Psycho Sting, Focus Attack Dash Cancel the recovery, and simultaneously input Psycho Stream. If performed successfully, the opponent will fall into the Psycho Stream and suffer massive damage.

Other combo options with Psycho Stream:

Psycho Stream can be used as anti-air.

After Psycho Stream it is possible to continue combos, increasing the damage and the number of hits.