Psycho Swing is Ed's second V-Skill, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Psycho Swing Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick
Psycho Smash Arcade-Stick-Down+Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick



Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously with no directional inputs, Ed dashes forward and delivers a hook with his fist enfused with negative energy. By holding Medium Punch and Medium Kick, Ed takes a couple of steps forward before swinging his fist at his opponent. If no directional input or button is pressed, Ed rolls his shoulder before dropping back to his stance.

By pressing down plus Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Ed performs an uppercut with his hand filled with Psycho Power, similar to his Psycho Upper. When Medium Punch and Medium Kick are held, Ed winds up for a split second before delivering the uppercut, launching his opponent high in the air on hit. If no directional input or button is pressed, Ed shakes out his arm before dropping back to his stance.

Tactics Edit

While Ed's first V-Skill is a long-range tool that can give him frame advantage from a distance, his second V-Skill is more useful against other zoning characters. With better juggle potential, Ed can score some big damage with new combo routes and setups.

Each version of his V-Skill serves a purpose in Ed's gameplay.

Psycho Swing Edit

The startup of this move is fairly long, ranging from 22 frames for the uncharged version and 38 frames for the charged version. Both versions also have 40 frames of recovery. Additionally, this attack whiffs if his opponent is airborne. Because of the move's long startup and recovery, his opponent can get a full jump-in combo, making this move dangerous to use on whiff.

However, Ed's second V-Skill is a decent way to slip through projectiles and punish the opponent while they are recovering. He builds V-Meter on hit and on block. The range, damage output, and frame advantage of Psycho Swing varies, depending on which version is used. The uncharged version can hit the opponent from about midscreen distance. It inflicts the least damage and is -6 on block. If properly spaced, it can be difficult to punish. Using the fully charged version, Ed can close the distance quickly and attack his opponent when they are 3/4 of the screen away from him. He also deals more damage and stun. However, Ed is only -2 if the charged version is blocked.

Both the uncharged and charged version result in a knockdown. This move is mainly used to end combos. Ed gets decent okizeme after hitting his opponent with Psycho Swing. If his opponent quick rises, he can dash forward twice and put him at +3 frame advantage. Ed can also cancel Psycho Swing into his second V-Trigger. On hit in the corner, he can link into one of his special attacks for some damaging follow-up combos. However, if midscreen, Ed can only link his Critical Art.

Psycho Smash Edit


Compared to the Psycho Swing, the startup is much quicker for Psycho Smash, ranging from 11 frames for the uncharged version and 26 frames for the charged version. It can be used as a decent anti-air attack. Unfortunately, it lacks upper body invincibility, making it more susceptible for trading attacks. Additionally, Psycho Smash has significantly less range than Psycho Swing. Ed can also cancel Psycho Smash into his second V-Trigger. Unlike Psycho Swing, Ed can follow-up with Psycho Upper with both the uncharged and charged version.

Both versions result in knockdown. The uncharged version can be used to end combos from EX Psycho Splash. While it has less corner carry and a lower damage output than his first V-Skill, Ed gets better okizeme using his Psycho Smash as a combo ender. The damage, stun, and V-Meter buildup is the same as Psycho Swing. It is also -6 on block.

The charged version inflicts more damage and launches the opponent high in the air. This gives Ed a couple of follow-up options, especially with when juggling them with Jumpin Medium Punch afterward. He can end the juggle combo with Psycho Upper for optimal damage, or Psycho Swing for extra V-Meter build. He can set up the charged Psycho Smash from either his first V-Trigger or Psycho Knuckle. The charged version deals more damage and has slightly better range. However, Ed is +3 on block, allowing him to maintain offensive pressure.


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