Psycho Upper is one of Ed's special attacks in Street Fighter V.

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Description[edit | edit source]

Executed by pressing two punch buttons simultaneously, Ed steps forward and performs a powerful uppercut using his opposite fist that's infused with Psycho Power, leaving a brief trail of negative energy.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Ed attacking Falke with his Psycho Upper.

Psycho Upper is primarily used to end combos. While this move inflicts the same amount of damage as Psycho Knuckle, it has a faster startup. This attack can be cancelled from a few of Ed's normals, such as Crouching Medium Kick or Crouching Heavy Punch. If Psycho Upper hits, Ed can continue offensive pressure. He can follow-up with Psycho Knuckle on a quick-rising opponent. Another option is to dash forward and keep his opponent on their heels by mixing up throw and pressuring normals.

The EX version is performed by pressing all three punch buttons. It hits twice his opponent twice and inflicts more damage. With its widened hitbox, EX Psycho Upper is a solid choice to end juggle combos. It is fully invincible on startup, making it Ed's primary wake-up reversal option. In return, EX Psycho Upper leaves Ed vulnerable in a counter hit state during recovery.

Despite its damage output, it has a relatively short range. Like most of Ed's special attacks, this one is very unsafe. Psycho Upper is -16 on block, which gives his opponent an opportunity to punish Ed with a heavy damaging combo. This move can also be used as an anti-air option. However, with its 16-frame startup, it can be difficult to stuff his opponent's jump-in attempts with Psycho Upper due to the move's unreliability. The EX version is the safer choice, thanks to its invincible startup frames.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ed's Psycho Upper Special Attack is very reminiscent of Batsu Ichimonji's Guts Upper special attack from the Rival Schools series.
  • M. Bison's Crouching Heavy Punch is also referred to as Psycho Upper according to the official Japanese frame data for Street Fighter V, likely meaning that Ed is using the same technique as him.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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