Push Back

Most Attacks have a degree of pushback. Here after Ibuki's sweep is blocked by Ling Xiaoyu it can be seen the characters separate, both being pushed back.

Pushback is a mechanic in the Street Figther games.


Pushback is used in Street Fighter games for a number of reasons that can include:

  • Make attacks negative in terms of Frame Data safe on block, on the example Ibuki's sweep is -8 in Street Figther X Tekken but the pushback makes it hard to punish. Especially if the attack is blocked at the upper end of it's range.
  • Prevent Infinites. Pushback is used on attacks that are positive on hit to force the comboing character to use a different longer range attack that is usually not as positive.
  • Reduce Pressure, a prime example is Cammy's jab in Street Fighter X Tekken was capable of pressuring enemies for a very long time due to positive safe data. In the latest patch, the 2013 version, it was given a rather high amount of pushback on hit and block to reduce effectiveness.

Tactics Edit

Ibuki special no pushback

Many Special Attacks that are meant for combo extension or pressure off block tend to have very little to no pushback.

Some characters such as Fei Long tend to abuse pushback. Part of his overall gameplan is to fish with his -5 Rekkakens that have the be spaced well, doing lots of Corner Carry and chip damage while being able to cause higher damage if the Rekka hits. Many reversal attacks such as Shoryuken tend to have pushback, but the pushback tends to leave the opponent in perfect range to punish when the reversal lands.

It is recommended that players learn how much push back their characters do with their attacks to maximize combo links.


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