Pyrokinesis (パイロキネシス, Pairokineshisu) is one of Gill's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III games.

Street Fighter III series Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch
(when facing right)
Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch



Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, the attack sees Gill shoot a fireball. The angle the fireball travels at is determined by the punch button pressed. The Light version fires it horizontally. Medium Pyrokinesis sends it at roughly a 30° angle, while the Heavy version fires it at roughly a 60° angle. The Heavy version, however, does not make contact with grounded opponents.[1] The fireball hits twice; this means it goes through most regular projectiles and cancels out most EX projectiles. It also burns the opponent on hit. It deals more damage than the metallic sphere.


StreetFighterV 12 28 2019 7 07 44 PM

Gill blasting his opponent with Pyrokinesis.

If the input is made while Gill is facing left, he will instead use Cryokinesis. As of Street Fighter V, however, Cryokinesis now has a new input separate from Pyrokinesis. Both moves can be performed, regardless of which direction Gill is facing. Additionally, pressing two punch buttons performs the EX Pyrokinesis. Similar to the regular version, the punch buttons pressed determine the projectile's trajectory. Pressing Light and Medium Punch simultaneously shoots the fireball horizontally. Pressing Light and Heavy Punch sends the projectile at about 30°. Finally, pressing Medium and Heavy Punch launches the fireball at about 60°. The Light version is mainly used in the neutral game, keeping his opponent at a distance and on their heels with the fast-moving fireball. While the Heavy version doesn't hit a grounded opponent, it is used for juggle combos.

While Cryokinesis deals more stun to the opponent, Pyrokinesis travels across the screen faster and inflicts more damage. The EX version not only hits the opponent twice, but it also puts them in a fiery state on hit. While in this debuffed state, the opponent takes gray health damage over a short period of time. Additionally, Gill can trigger a Retribution hit if he hits them with an Anti-Type ice attack. This not only results in a knockdown, but it puts the opponent in a juggle state, allowing Gill to cancel into any of his special moves for additional damage and stun. It can also be cancelled into his Critical Art.

When Gill's first V-Trigger is active, the properties of the fireball are slightly changed. While the speed and damage output remain the same, hitting the opponent with Pyrokinesis while Primal Fire is active automatically puts them in a fiery state. Performing this move during Gill's first V-Trigger only costs him a tenth of his V-Meter.

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  • This attack and Cryokinesis resemble Boss Gouken's Gohadoken in the angles it can be fired in, being input projectiles, and hitting twice without needing EX meter.
  • The relationship between Gill's projectile and Urien's Metallic Sphere is very similar to the relationship between Hadouken and Sagat's Tiger Shot in that in both instances Tiger Shot and Gill's projectile would beat Hadouken or Metallic Sphere (respectively) clean but in later appearances would both cancel if connect.

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