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The Raging Bash is one of Blanka's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Medium Kick, followed by Heavy Kick, and then Heavy Punch, Blank hops forward and delivers an alternating, double-knee strike. Once the attack connects, he performs a back handspring, bringing his feet up and kicking them into his opponent's chin. If the second attack hits, the kick launches his opponent in the air. Blanka then performs a vertical roll toward his airborne opponent. He finishes the target combo by throwing his arms downward on top of his opponent, sending them crashing into the ground.


This is one of Blanka's target combos in Street Fighter V. The first attack moves Blanka slightly forward, allowing him to approach his opponent. The Standing Heavy Kick launches them in the air on hit. Like most target combos, this one is unsafe on block. If his opponent successfully blocks the second attack, Blanka can be punished with a high damaging combo. Additionally, the third attack cannot be performed if Standing Heavy Kick is blocked.

The damage and stun this target combo inflicts alone is minimal. However, this is one of a few combos that doesn't require a charge. It results in a knockdown on hit and leaves Blanka fairly close to his opponent, allowing him to maintain pressure. He can also cancel into Surprise Forward after the second hit of this target combo, putting his opponent in tricky reset situations to amplify his offense.