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*''"Fire breathing AND levitation? Authentic [[Dhalsim|yoga]] is awesome!"''
*''"Fire breathing AND levitation? Authentic [[Dhalsim|yoga]] is awesome!"''
*''"Get up already! We gotta [[Ed|pump up the crowd]] after a fight!"''
*''"You got a nice spray on that [[F.A.N.G|poison mist]]! You must've practiced a lot!"''
*''"You got a nice spray on that [[F.A.N.G|poison mist]]! You must've practiced a lot!"''

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This is a list of quotes used by R. Mika.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Win Quotes

  • "The superstar of the ring... That's what I wanna be!"
  • "I know I can do more! I was just warming up!"
  • "Wow! Perfect execution! I might make it, after all!"
  • "I'll get better and better with more practice, right?"
  • "I'm learning more and more! The experience is exciting!"
  • "Don't understimate me! I believe in my dreams!"
  • "You need to work on your personality! For your fans!"
  • "Power, technique, and beauty! I've mastered the basics!"

Rival Dialogues

vs. Karin


Karin: Well, well, well... Training to be a pro wrestler? Hm hm hm...

R. Mika: Hey! That was mean!! Why are you laughing at me?!

Karin: Can't I laugh at something I find to be funny? Ho ho ho ho!

R. Mika: What's so funny about pro wrestling?! Take that back!


Karin: Oh... ugh... I didn't think you were this strong... I guess I didn't study enough about pro wrestling... If you make it to the top, my zaibatsu will be your sponsor.

R. Mika: My sponsor?! Thank you so much!! I can't believe you're so nice!

vs. Zangief


R. Mika: Are... Are you THE Zangief?!

Zangief: Yes. I am Zangief, the "Red Cyclone!"

R. Mika: This is so exciting! M... m... my name is Mika... I admired you so much that I, too, became a pro wrestler!!

Zangief: Hmm... That's a very nice thing for you to say. If you're a professional, how about having a match with me?

R. Mika: Really?! You mean it?! No joke?! Alright! I'd be happy to!!


Zangief: Gwa ha ha ha ha! How surprising! You've beaten me!

R. Mika: Oh no!! I'm sorry! It was an accident! I'll tell my children about this someday! It was so exciting!

Zangief: Gwa ha ha ha ha! Your name's Mika, right? Most impressive!

vs. Balrog


Bison: Ha ha ha!! Master and pupil... A happy couple... How pathetic! Zangief... I thought you wanted to speak to me...?

Zangief: Wha?! M. Bison!

Bison: Your fight was very entertaining..... But instead of paying you, this man will guide you to heaven!

(Balrog appears.)

R. Mika: Zangief! Please let me fight this man!

Zangief: ?! Alright... To face a deviant style might be good practice. Do your best!

Street Fighter V

Character Selection

  • "I'll totally make this look cool!"


  • "I'll kick your ass! All right! Let's begiiiin!!!"

Round Victory

  • "Yeah, yeah!"
  • "I cut it way too close there!"

Versus Mode (Generic)

  • "That was great fun! When do you think we can do it again?"
  • "You really stepped it up there! Keep that up and let's go again!"
  • "Thanks! I really learned something! Real fights are the best practice!"
  • "Who's the top star of the ring? Rainbow Mika! Don't you forget it!"
  • "Bomberrrrrrr!"

Versus Mode (Character-specific)

  • "You're a fighting legend?! I'm glad I got the chance to go toe-to-toe with you!"
  • "I've been in the ring longer than you! You won't get a three-count on me so easily!"
  • "I want power too, but not if it means I have to stick to the same routine."
  • "Thanks for all your guidance! True pros sure are a cut above!"
  • "Fire breathing AND levitation? Authentic yoga is awesome!"
  • "You got a nice spray on that poison mist! You must've practiced a lot!"
  • "I'm a pro, too! A pro wrestler! I'll show you my skills in the ring!"
  • "You're not strong enough! Let me train you. Our first session will be jogging on the beach!"
  • "Is that eye patch meant to be a handicap? Don't underestimate me!"
  • "You might be my sponsor, but in the ring we're equal!"
  • "Pretty sweet moves! Can you teach me too?"
  • "No normal person can control ice like that... You're like a real-life yeti!"
  • "Your throw really bruised me! Let's grapple again!"
  • "You really don't learn, do you? Can't get fans being so bullheaded!"
  • "Those scars look super real! Wait, that's not body paint!?"
  • "The crowd won't get excited if all you do is scream."
  • "You've got some guts to copy me! Where are you affiliated?"
  • "You're looking for your friend? My teammates might know something!"
  • "I'm aiming for the top too! Wait, what industry are you in?"
  • "That was a cool jump! I wanna try it from the top turnbuckle!"
  • "Master Zangief! Did you see that? I didn't hold back, not one bit!"

Character Story Mode

Stage 1: Union Station

Fight 1: Zangief

Pre-Fight Interaction

R. Mika: "This is a great honor!"

Zangief: "Come at me like train!"

Stage 2: Apprentice Alley

Fight 2: Birdie

Pre-Fight Interaction

Birdie: "This ain't got nothin' to do with you!"

R. Mika: "If I were to overlook your crime, I would never be able to face Master Zangief again!"

Stage 3: Underground Arena

Fight 3: Laura

Pre-Fight Interaction

R. Mika: "Thank you for having this match with me!"

Laura: "Of course! Now show me the best you've got!"