The Rakan Dantojin (羅漢断塔刃 Rakan Dantoujin?, "Arhat Severing Pagoda Blade") is one of Oni's special attacks, introduced in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

All appearances Arcade Stick HCF + Arcade Button Kick


Rakan Dantojin

Executed by performing a half-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Oni slides forward along the ground in a manner vaguely similar to the Ashura Senku ("Messatsu!"), then swipes his palm horizontally in a slashing motion once before spinning around to follow up with a final swipe, and then coming to a stop.

The distance Oni slides and the move's properties are determined by the kick button pressed: light kick is the fastest and hits on the first swipe, medium kick is invincible to projectiles during the slide and hits on the first swipe (albeit with a delay), heavy kick will slide past the opponent on the first swipe, hitting on the second for a Cross-up. The EX version is both immune to projectiles and capable of crossing the opponent up, sliding past the opponent on the first swipe and hitting on the second.


The attack can be dash canceled for safety, or to continue a combo. The EX Rakan Dantojin can also be comboed into both of Oni's Ultra Combos.


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