The Rapid Dagger (ラピッドダガー Rapiddo Dagaa?) is one of Decapre's special attacks, introduced along with her in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Arcade Modifier Tap Arcade Button Punch



Decapre using Rapid Dagger EX against Hakan.

Executed by rapidly and repeatedly pressing any punch button, Decapre runs towards the opponent, and stabs them rapidly with her daggers as she runs ("Charging!"). She finishes the move with a slash that sends the opponent flying.

Version Effect
Arcade-Button-LPunch Makes four hits.
Arcade-Button-MPunch Makes six hits.
Arcade-Button-HPunch Makes eight hits.
Arcade-Button-2xPunch Makes eight hits, 160 damage and throws the opponent to much higher than other versions, giving to Decapre more options combo.

Tactics Edit

Rapid Dagger can be canceled into the Strafe Dagger, to increase the damage on the opponent. The EX version can be used before the first Ultra Combo, Psycho Stream. Rapid Dagger can be canceled with a Red Focus Attack, creating many other combos.

Similar movesEdit


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