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Rashid's friend[1], also known as "The Usher", is a minor character from Street Fighter V.


Rashid's friend is a female scientist that was forced to work for Shadaloo, helping to create the Black Moons. However, she secretly made a plan to stop the Black Moons, counting on her friend Rashid to stop them.

In Rashid's character story, Rashid checks his social media and notes that her last message (as "eyepuzzledurmom") was twelve days ago. Worried, Rashid began investigating about Shadaloo.

In A Shadow Falls, F.A.N.G discovers that the scientist sent the keys to activate the Black Moons to other people and kills her. Later, Rashid learns about her death when facing F.A.N.G. After the fall of Shadaloo, Rashid receives a recorded message from his friend, who thanks him for stopping the Black Moons.


  • Although her last message as "eyepuzzledurmom" was twelve days before Rashid's character story, she has other message that appears on random positions. Due to this, her message may appear between Rashid's current conversation.



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