Not to be confused with Smalt Raven, a minor character from the games.

Raven was a character concept that was initially planned to be included into the arcade game, Street Fighter: The Movie. The role of Raven was to have been played by Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, the fight coordinator and one of the stuntmen for the film of which the game is based on.



Raven's fighting apparel consisted of a black vest, red gi pants with a black trim and taped up bare feet.


According Alan Noon (one of the game designers and artists for Street Fighter: The Movie for the arcades, as well as the live action performer of the game's Bison Troopers), Urquidez was chosen to take part in the game as Raven due the game's lead designer being a fan as well as having extra time to put in another character. Urquidez as Raven was digitized, but the process went unfinished due to time constraints.[1]

Fighting StyleEdit

Had Raven been added to the game, Noon stated that the character would have several different fighting styles to choose from, similar to Gen. This was in part due to Urquidez (a legitimate blackbelt in and/or practitioner of multiple fighting disciplines) performing several martial arts styles during his digitization.[1]


While Raven's name was never spoken, Urquidez had an extended cameo appearance in the Street Fighter film as a member of Sagat's Shadaloo Tong. He aided in cornering Ryu and Ken during a tense weapons deal gone south. He later appears next to Sagat and Vega in prison and during their escape attempt.


Street Fighter (film)Edit


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