Ray (レイ Rei?) is a character from Final Fight who first and so far only appeared in Final Fight 3 (Final Fight Tough in Japan). He is one of the many minor enemy characters the players face.



Ray is a slim body thug who wears hand wraps and pants that he holds up with suspenders. Ray has spiked hair and wears a headband that matches with his pants.


Ray is said to be a guy who is easy going and enjoys life to the fullest. A big music fan, Ray isn't talented at making music or playing instruments, but enjoys dancing and singing along to his appreciation. Due to his noisy nature, he sometimes comes to heads with his landlord.


Ray is a member of the Skull Cross Gang who works to pay his bills. As a big fan of Big B & Bullheads (specially the member Brilliancy) and punk rock, he is friends with many of the scene back in the UK, and is the roommate of Billy.

Fighting styleEdit

Ray fights like boxer, attacking only with his fists. His favorite combo is two jabs followed by an uppercut. Although he is rather weak, he likes to strike enemies from behind and can be annoying when teamed up with other thugs.


Ray (FF3) Model



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