Reiko and Mary

Reiko and Mary are characters from Chun-Li ni makase China. They are normal women without fighting skills and friends of Chun-Li.

Reiko[edit | edit source]

Reiko (レイコ?) is a bike racer with a bright red racing suit and an unyielding personality. A few years before Chun-Li ni makase China, by chance she had the opportunity to cooperate with Chun-Li to solve the kidnapping incident involving Mary, solving the case. Since then, they became good friends and keep in touch.

Mary[edit | edit source]

Mary (メアリー Mearī?) is a woman that was once rescued by Chun-Li when she was kidnapped in Hong Kong. She has a very gentle demeanor and likes to read mystery novels while on a bench in the park. She has great memory and insight, and in the future she wants to serve an intelligence agency.

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