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The Rekkaken (烈火拳? "Blazing Fist") is one of Fei Long's signature special attacks, introduced along with him in Super Street Fighter II.

All appearances Quarter-circle forward + Punch (can be performed up to 3 times)


Fei Long connecting Rekka against his opponent in Street Fighter IV.

Executed by pressing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Fei Long performs three punches in quick succession, complete with kiai (martial scream for each strike). The punches are in this order: a face-aimed jab with the leading fist, a stomach-aimed gut strike with the following fist and a chest-aimed backfist with the leading fist. If the full follow-up is performed, the backfist downs the foe, producing a different kiai from the first two hits.

The horizontal distance covered by each strike and recovery time in-between them are determined by the punch button pressed at the initial input, with heavier punches meaning longer reach but also longer recovery time.

Fei Long sizzling his opponent after connecting Ex Rekkaken.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter IV functions exactly the same as the heavy punch version without any startup time. It also uses fire-infused punches and allows (only) the very first punch to disrupt a single projectile with strict timing (this last property, however, does not apply to the other two punches at all, even with correct timing) - Fei's hand must be fully out during the initial strike.

The move also has a Super Combo variation called the Rekkashinken, which produces more punches.

In Ultra Street Fighter IV's OMEGA Mode, the EX version was slightly altered. All three punches of the EX version now count as separate EX moves, meaning that a full EX Rekkaken requires three stocks of the Super Combo Gauge. In addition, the EX version deals two hits with the first two punches and three with the third, leading for a total of seven hits if all three punches are the EX versions.


The Rekkaken is considered the "heart" of Fei Long's offensive arsenal, and is generally used as a close-range poke and combo finisher, due to the pushback and distance traveled, along with the range of the attack.

It can also be used as a hit confirm off of a counter hit, and a "full" Rekkaken allows Fei Long to take advantage of various setups from a knockdown. However, it cannot be used carelessly without proper spacing much like a sliding attack, as the recovery time and forward movement can create opportunities for a foe to punish the move. Overall, the best use for this move is at close range, where Fei can capitalize the opponent safely and lower any chances of retaliation.

As this attack is usually one of the original "spacing" attacks, it is recommended to learn the initial ranges of each Rekkaken button version, and to follow up with the hard followups if the player scores a hit, while staying away at -5 if they are blocked.


  • Rekkaken is the very first special special attack in the Street Fighter games (as well as one of the first in fighting games) to have multiple hits via repeatable input, classifying it as a multi-input attack. Similar moves are referred to as "Rekkas" (Fei's technique has coined the term), especially if they involve inputting the same input multiple times in a row.
  • Fei Long tensing himself with a different kiai after the third punch comes from Bruce Lee's similar habit after delivering a strike.


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