Rekkashingeki as it appears in Street Fighter IV.

The Rekkashingeki (烈火真撃? "Raging Fire/Conflagration True Strike") is Fei Long's first Ultra Combo in Street Fighter IV. It is a more powerful version of his Rekkashinken Super Combo.

All appearances Quarter-circle forwardQuarter-circle forward + All 3 punch buttons
Fei Long 495

Description[edit | edit source]

Fei Long using the Rekkashingeki to finish off Oni.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing all 3 punch buttons, Fei Long starts off by yelling and entering a "power surge" pose, then delivering a combination of five Rekkaken punches. Should two of the punches land clean, he turns the third punch into a deadly blow to his opponent's midsection. He then follows with a flurry of body strikes to the opponent, followed by a powerful uppercut which sends them sky high. After that, he finishes them off by delivering a ferocious flaming Rekkukyaku. The attack overall resembles a combination of the Rekkashinken followed by a Ryuu Shin Yassai.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

If timed right, Fei Long can use this attack to pass through projectiles via startup invincibility; however, like the original Rekkashinken, the input must be done almost immediately before the projectile hits Fei Long. Therefore, it is best to use it if the projectile-using opponent is close to Fei Long, as then he will have a better chance of hitting them after he passes through the projectile. Usually, due to this strict timing, it's often better to do it in combos as opposed to using it as an unexpected poke.

Advanced tactics[edit | edit source]

Fei Long can attempt to juggle a few hits on the opponent while they are in the air (only after Focus Attack Dash Canceling from a Shienkyaku), but it requires strict timing to get the maximum number of hits from its juggle. The third hit of the juggle is the most powerful one, and the most important in connecting the entire combo. However, there are certain characters who will only get hit twice, regardless of how well the timing is.

There is no other way for Fei Long to combo into this Ultra fully, besides the standard Focus Attack. Fortunately for Fei Long, he has one of the better Focus Attacks in the game due to its high speed and long reach, thus giving him certain advantages in landing the maximum amount of hits.

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Super Street Fighter IV (Japanese voices).

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