Rekkashinken in SSFII: Turbo HD Remix.

The Rekkashinken (烈火真拳? "Raging Fire/Conflagration True Fist") is one of Fei Long's Super Combos, introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch
Fei Long 370


Executed by pressing two quarter-circle forward motions and punch, it is basically a more advanced and powerful version of the original Rekkaken punches that Fei Long uses, but he adds on two additional hits in the middle for more damage. With the two additional hits, the total number of punches becomes five, and the fifth backfist itself knocks the opponent down, just like the third hit would do in the original Rekkaken punches.

Similarly to Rekkaken, the horizontal distance covered by each strike is determined by the punch button pressed, with heavier punches meaning longer reach.

In the Street Fighter IV games, the move's visual execution was somewhat changed, as the third and fourth punches now are, respectively, an uppercut with the following arm and a downwards elbow smash with the leading hand, instead of merely repeating the animations for the first two strikes.


Besides finishing combos with great damage deal, Fei Long can also use this attack to pass through projectiles via startup invincibility, but the input must be timed almost immediately before the projectile hits Fei Long. Therefore, it is best to use it if the projectile-using opponent is close to Fei Long, as then he will have a better chance of hitting them after he passes through the projectile.

Like with the original Rekkaken, the nature of the move sliding forward with hitboxes active makes it an easy move to punish if carelessly used, especially via frame disadvantage on block. Unlike the original, all blows are automatic, so delayed frame traps are impossible and thus it's often more safe to use the super as a combo finisher.

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