This is a list of quotes used by Remy.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Why am I here, anyway?"
  • "I find your cause interesting, but I could never relate to it."
  • "Pain is a cheap substitute for a vitality gauge!"
  • "Victory, glory, and honor... Those ideas don't excite me a bit."
  • "Stay down. Or do you want me to hurt you again?
  • "In death, you may find the answers that you seek."
  • "I have no intention of beating you up again. Just leave..."
  • "Don't you realize that the path you are taking will lead you nowhere?!"

Rival DialoguesEdit

Vs. Alex Edit

Remy: "Answer me... Why do you fight?"

Alex: "I don't know... I started fighting long before I knew the reasons why."

Remy: "That selfishness victimizes people, destroys love, and creates hatred! I'll never forgive them! Those who call themselves "warriors..." Just like my father, a man who deserted and betrayed his family!"

Alex: "So what? If you need to see a shrink, go somewhere else! But if it's pain what you want, I have plenty to give to you!"

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