Not to be confused with Air Reset, where the defending character is hit out of the air and they land on their feet.

Usual resets involve an Air Reset and causing a situation where it is hard to tell where the defending character will land and which side to block, not unlike a Cross-up. Most resets do not let Knockdowns happen. Here Ibuki is seen anti airing with her crouching hard punch then using Kasumi Gake to make Nash's landing ambiguous.

Reset is an advanced tactic in Street Fighter games where the attacking character creates a situation to start Damage Scaling over from point one.


In modern Street Fighter games the idea of Combos, which are a sequence of attacks due to LinkingRapid CancelTarget Combos, or other ways, that can keep hitting a victim without them being able to defend after the initial successful hit that started the entire sequence. Due to the character not being able to defend themselves, Damage Scaling was introduced to encourage combo optimization and discourage the rare Infinite.

Resets work with the idea of giving opponents a very brief time to control their players before getting hit again. In Street Fighter the general rule is the moment a player regains control of their character, no matter how long, Damage Scaling resets and the next successful hit will start from point one, despite the value of the attack that was used to set up the Reset. A very common set up is an Air Reset, where characters use the time where the opponent recovers to confuse the opponent on which side they will hit from next (as shown in the picture).


Ibuki VT 2 Air Reset

Ibuki using her second V-Trigger against Cammy. After Kazekiri Ibuki is seen using Agemen and the second hit Air Resets Cammy, Ibuki then proceeds to Dash forward to create an ambiguous side landing for Cammy and when Ibuki connects her standing medium kick the attack starts Damage Scaling over.

Resets are often part of competitive play as one or two successful resets can end a battle. Damage Scaling can make some bulkier characters such as E. Honda much harder to defeat than some 'frail' characters. In some reset characters bigger bodied characters can be harder to set up on. Some characters, like the Street Fighter V incarnation of Ibuki have been heavy reset oriented, in which her V-Trigger 2 is usually used for such purposes and does very little damage in an actual combo.

Vortex is very similar but usually depends more on knockdowns.

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