Resurrection (リザレクション, Rizarekushon) is one of Gill's Super Arts in the Street Fighter III series. In Street Fighter V, it is his second Critical Art while serving as a boss character in Arcade Mode.


It is not selected at the character select screen and there is no input for it; like all of Gill's Super Arts, it is always available to Gill, but unlike his other arts, it takes effect automatically when he is KOed while in possession of a full Stock.

If and when this happens, the round does not end; Gill gets up again and levitates while his health is restored. His health will restore to 100% unless he is hit before it finishes, at which point the technique ends. However, he is invincible during the beginning of the technique, guaranteeing him roughly 10-15% health.[1]

During all of this, an unseen force pushes the opponent away. This makes it difficult to hit him and interrupt his recovery, but not impossible. Many special attacks, especially anti-airs, will be pushed away from him even if performed at extreme close range. However, ones with rapid horizontal movement will overcome this pressure and hit him.[1]

The technique shares one Super Gauge with his other two Super Arts. This gauge has only one stock, and once this technique has been used, the gauge will not fill anymore for the rest of the round.[1] This means that Gill can use Meteor Strike and Seraphic Wing before Resurrection activates, but not after.

This skill, like Gill himself, is inspired by biblical accounts, particularly the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was said to have risen from the dead after three days.

In Street Fighter V, Gill gains this ability as his second Critical Art when he serves as a boss character in Arcade Mode. The technique functions much like in the Street Fighter III games, but is embedded with flames to knock away the opponents. Gill's health will be completely restored and the move can no longer be hit by the opponent once it is executed. As such, it's not available to his playable version.





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