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Retribution is a unique mechanic used exclusively by Gill in Street Fighter V.


When Gill uses either an EX or V-Trigger enhanced special attack, one of his V-Trigger exclusive moves, or Divine Comet, the opponent has the corresponding state associated with its elemental type inflicted upon them. Fire-based attacks cause burning provisional damage similar to Yoga Burner and an EX Shakunetsu Hadoken at close range for a short period of time, while ice-based attacks freeze the opponent's Stun Gauge indefinitely similar to Diamond Dust, causing them to freeze completely should they get completely stunned under this status. These effects disappear when Gill is hit.

If Gill follows up with an Anti-Type elemental attack that opposes his opponent's current status (fire attacks on freezing opponents and vice-versa), its properties are altered dramatically, ranging from effects such as extra damage, new juggle opportunities, and hard knockdowns. The word 'Retribution' appears at his side of the screen similar to a Counter Hit. Elemental attacks include his special moves, his V-Trigger exclusive moves, Divine Comet, and his Heavy normal and unique attacks. Retribution effects remove the existing status on the opponent, but often allow for another enhanced special move to inflict the state again.


Because Gill does not have any attacks that inflict Crush Counter effects, Retribution serves as a replacement that allows him to choose when he wishes to use the additional effects. Generally, fire-based attacks do more damage while ice-based attacks deal more stun. This makes Primal Fire useful for dealing raw damage, though Ice of Doom allows Gill to land more of them via Retribution.

Gill also gains extra Critical Gauge on hit, letting him build back meter from EX starters and extenders, such as his EX Pyrokinesis.