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|birthplace = {{flagicon|Japan}} [[Japan]]<ref name = "SFV Data"/>
|birthplace = {{flagicon|Japan}} [[Japan]]<ref name = "SFV Data"/>
|height = 7'4" (225 cm)<ref name = "SFV Data"/>
|height = 7'4" (225 cm)<ref name = "SFV Data"/>
|weight = 405 lbs (205 kg)<ref name = "SFV Data"/>
|weight = 452 lbs (205 kg)<ref name = "SFV Data"/>
|eyes = Black
|eyes = Black
|hair = Pink<br>Red (''Street Fighter V'')
|hair = Pink<br>Red (''Street Fighter V'')

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For the character from the original Street Fighter, see Retsu.

Retu ( Retsu?, lit. "Furious") is a fictional character from the Final Fight series introduced in the game Final Fight 2. He is the leader of the second incarnation of the Mad Gear Gang, acting as the game's main antagonist and final boss.



Retu appears in full Kabuki costume, clad in red and white face-paint along with a pink wig. He wears a black gi along with a red and white decorative rope, as well as wearing golden gauntlets around his ankles and brown gloves on his arms. He wears traditional Japanese geta wooden sandals, and has various tattoos on his arms. Retu is the fifth tallest character in the Street Fighter series, behind Sagat, T. Hawk, Hugo, and Abigail. He is also one of the heaviest characters in the series, weighing over 400 pounds.

Retu recieves a bit of a redesign in his Shadaloo C.R.I. profile art, now bearing golden gauntlets around his arms instead of his gloves, and wearing a horned headband. His geta are now made of metal.



Retu has a mysterious past, always clad in full Kabuki makeup. He specializes in kidnapping, intimidation and sabotage, and re-formed the Mad Gear Gang at some point before the events of Final Fight 2.

Final Fight 2

After re-forming the Mad Gear Gang, Retu used his newfound position of power to run various criminal activities throughout Asia. As revenge for the death of Belger and collapse of the Mad Gear Gang, he ordered his subordinates to kidnap Guy's fiancée, Rena, as well as her father, Genryusai. However, Guy was away on training, so Rena's sister Maki set out to rescue them, seeking the help of Mike Haggar and Carlos Miyamoto.

Upon reaching Retu's hideout, the trio confronted him, having defeated all of his underlings. During the fight, Maki kicked Retu out of the window, paralleling Belger's defeat, but whether or not he survived is never stated.

Fighting style

Retu's fighting style is similar to Won Won's. His signature move, the Kaiten Senpukyaku (回転旋風脚 Kaiten Senpūkyaku?, "Rotating Whirlwind Kick")[1], seems to be a variation of the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, except that it is performed on the ground.





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