This article is about the Street Fighter character. For the Final Fight 3 enemy, see Rick (Final Fight 3).

Rick (リック Rikku?) is a minor character from the Street Fighter series that was only mentioned in profiles as Dee Jay's manager. He remained unseen until he gained a profile on the Shadaloo C.R.I. section of the official Capcom Fighters Network website.


Rick is a good friend of Dee Jay that has been acting as his manager for a while, but is constantly troubled by his carefree ways. Despite being dismayed at times by his friend's exploits that seem sudden and reckless, Rick supports him in his pursuits, and is always cheered up by his constant smile, carefree happiness, and unyielding spirit, even in the worst of times. He has a pet parrot named Bellamacha,[2], who has his own reserved perch at The Lemony,[3] and he carries its chicks on his head. One time he placed a taiko drum between his legs and kept practicing until he was good at it, apparently beating the drum to the point of getting hematuria.


Post Street Fighter Alpha 3 to Super Street Fighter IIEdit

According to a short story in a Gamest issue, Rick makes a visit to The Lemony to drink his sorrows away after the events of Alpha 3 and before the Second World Warrior Tournament when under some hard times; along with having lost a lot of money on a big wager, he presumes his wife is seeing another man by the name of Henkley behind his back. While he and Dee Jay are still on good terms, it has been a year since Dee Jay left for stardom after having breezed through his kickboxing division to the top, leaving for the rest of the world after winning the local fighting tournament, and being noticed as a new music sensation, leaving him feeling somewhat dejected and left out.[3]

As the night appeared to turn for the worst as the local mafia came to extort The Lemony's owner and shut off the music, much to his surprise, Dee Jay appeared and confronted the gang. Taking queue of Dee Jay's voice and signal, Rick immediately blasts a track from his latest album. After having taken care of the thugs, Rick is relieved that his best friend is back, and gives him a welcome home before he again leaves for parts unknown.[3]


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