The Ring of Destiny is a DLC stage available in Street Fighter V for a limited time, representing the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour.[1] It is available by itself for $10USD in addition to being included in the limited time Capcom Pro Tour package that comes bundled with three other alternate costumes and an exclusive color for $25USD.


The stage is in an illuminated stadium with giant statues and many seats for the public. In the center is a boxing ring with the Capcom Pro Tour logo on the center. Outside the ring, there are characters from different stages, such as the bear from the Underground Arena, Blue Guy from the Union Station, two yoga practioners from the Apprentice Alley, and a gliding ninja from the Lair of the Four Kings.

The stage also appeared in the game Puzzle Fighter, where the Capcom Pro Tour logo in the center of the ring was replaced by the game's name. Except for the ninja, the characters from other stages were replaced by Zangief, Chun-Li, Servbot, Dhalsim and Frank West.



  • The bear in the background can possibly be the same bear that tried to attack Zangief in R. Mika's character story.

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