Rinko (淋子?) is a minor character who appears briefly only in the anime series, Street Fighter II V.



A young teenager with dark tannish skin, she had long black hair that extend to her shoulders which tied into braid on one of her shoulders. She wore a pink blouse and blue shorts.




Rinko is the grand daughter of one of the men that worked as a lumberjack on an isolated island and had a crush on Ryu. She became friends with Ryu through her uncle, who was one of Ryu's fellow employees. She would often visited the island to give both her uncle and Ryu meals. On one of her visits she also brought along a letter addressed to Ryu from Ken who invited Ryu to come to visit him in California. When Ryu decided to leave Rinko offered him a rosary bead arm band for good luck. As Ryu left Rinko believed that Ryu would never return to the island.


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