The Rising Rage Flash, also known as Ma Cherie no Hiai (マ・シェリの悲哀 Ma Sheri no Hiai?, literally "My Sweetheart's Sorrow") is one of Remy's special attacks.

All appearances Arcade Stick CDU+Arcade Button Kick


Remy immediately backflips forward, using the momentum and force of the flip to aim his heels to strike the opponent. The attack is similar to the Flash Kick, to the point where players often assume that it is based on it. The main difference is that both known users uses one foot to kick with the latter, while Remy's uses both heels on the former.

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  • Katarina Alves from the Tekken series has a move called the Flying Bird which strongly resembles Remy's Rising Rage Flash and as part of her Rage Art.
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