"You're finished! (逃がさねえよ! Nigasanee yo!)"

Rochumou (弄蛛網 Rouchumou?, "Tampering Spider Net") is one of Juri's super combos, exclusive to the OMEGA Mode in Ultra Street Fighter IV. She substitutes her original Super Combo, Fuharenjin.

Description Edit

Executed by performing two quarter-circles forward and pressing kick, Juri will slide on the ground, if it connects, Juri will go into a cinematic camera where she holds the opponent. Then Juri will perform a series of Fuhajin on the opponent.

The button pressed determines the distance traveled by the slide. The light version, Juri will make a slip of little to the opponent, medium glides half of the screen and heavy slide the whole screen.

This attack has a total of 11 hits. Rochumou is Armor Break.

Tactics Edit

Rochumou can be used after any launcher or after some number of attacks in the air. It can also used to cross underneath projectiles.


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