The Rolling Crystal Flash (ローリングクリスタルフラッシュ Rooringu Kurisutaru Furasshu?), also known informally as the Claw Roll, is one of Vega's special attacks, introduced along with him in Street Fighter II.

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The finishing punch slashing Ryu.

Executed by charging backward and then pressing forward and punch, Vega rolls into a ball and launches himself forward in a series of forward tumbles, with his claw extended out towards the opponent, ending with a crouching punch using his claw hand. The move can hit multiple times per usage.

The number of possible hits and distance rolled forwards are determined by the punch button pressed: light punch version has the quickest startup with the least damage/stun, and 2 hits; heavy punch version has the highest startup, damage, and stun with 5 hits; and medium punch version is a balance of the two, with 4 hits.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter IV functions the same as the heavy punch version, with an added invulnerability to projectiles and increased chip damage[1].

In Street Fighter V, the move has since been replaced with the similar-looking Crimson Terror.


The Rolling Crystal Flash is ideal for ending a combo, and is Vega's only special move that can be dash canceled for safety on block, or dash canceled forward into a throw or another set of attacks.

Thanks to its multiple hits, it proves as an easy hit confirm into the two newly added tools to Vega's moveset in Ultra Street Fighter IV: the Red Focus Attack and the improved Flying Barcelona Special.

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