The fight is over. You lose.Rosanov

Rosanov (ロザノフ, Rozanofu?) is a character from Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation and one of the main antagonists of the flim. He serves as a very dangerous foe, but only as Sadler's puppet through which he learns the "Dark Hado" (Satsui no Hado).

His English voice actor, Tom Wyner, previously voiced Bison in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.



Rosanov is a large, muscular cyborg created by Sadler that bears a slight resemblance to Hugo, with long gray hair and pupil-less eyes, his left one containing a green camera lens that records data. He is always seen grinning (even when destroyed) and is dressed in a black coat, grey trousers, and what appear to be fur boots.

After being repaired/rebuilt, he appears with shorter hair which flares off in two directions from several bandages wrapped around his face. Occasionally, Shun protrudes from his body, restrained by several molds of flesh.


Rosanov exhibits a rather calm demeanor, often seen smiling both in and out of fights. He also displays a sadistic thrill for fighting as he attack his opponents with relentless force. Rosanov has a tendency to mock and insult his opponents on their weakness, as well as provoke them just as he does during his second fight with Ryu when tempting him to use the Dark Hado.


Rosanov is a cyborg developed by Professor Sadler in order to collect the data of the strongest fighters in the world in a closed tournament. After detecting the immense energy of the Dark Hado from Ryu and Shun during their confrontation with Zangief, Rosanov is deployed to fight them in order to record their data. Ryu and Chun-Li try holding him off but their attacks are easily thwarted as Rosanov simply sends back their energy attacks with a wave of his hand. Rosanov then fires an energy blast at Ryu, only for Shun to step in between them to take the hit. Shun's unconsciousness provokes Ryu's Dark Hado. Sensing the power increase, Rosanov begins to record the Dark Hado's energy while firing off his multiple energy blasts at Ryu. However, Ryu dodges all his attacks while charging a Hadoken as he advances. Rosanov is then destroyed when Ryu plunges the Hadoken into his abdomen, utterly obliterating his body from within.

Following his first defeat against Ryu, Rosanov reappears at Professor Sadler's laboratory covered in bandages, acting as the lab's guard. He shows up when Ken and Chun-Li rescue Birdie from experimentation after his victory over Dan. He displays a far more intense fighting style and power increase, quickly subduing Ken and Chun-Li and brutally injuring Birdie in the process. Ken tries to fight Rosanov on his own, but is soon overpowered when Rosanov fires an energy blast from his mouth. He corners both Chun-Li and Ken outside the lab, but Ryu intervenes.

Using this opportunity to record more data on the Dark Hado, Rosanov reveals the source of his newfound power: Shun was placed inside of his body, using him to directly tap into his power to unleash the Dark Hado. He speaks through Shun's voice to goad him into giving into the Dark Hado whilst taunting him and revealing that Shun was never his brother. Though angered, Ryu resists the urge and instead fights him with his own power, firing multiple Hadoukens.

Unbeknownst to Ryu, the real purpose of this fight is for a now-plugged-in Sadler to absorb his power to make his body stronger by empowering himself with the Dark Hado. He gives him one last chance to kill him, the only way he can do so is to fire off another Dark Hadoken. He forms one of his own and shoots it at Ken, who was lying on the ground. He prepares to finish him off this time, but Chun-Li rushes into save him. However, Rosanov shrugs off her attack and shoves her head into the pavement, knocking her unconscious.

Ken recovers and briefly breaks his vow to not kill, and attacks Rosanov with a powerful Shoryuken. However, the attack exhausts Ken of his stamina and only succeeds in dislocating Rosanov's jaw, which he snaps back into place. With both of Ryu's friends beaten badly in front of him, the Dark Hado awakens in him again and both prepare a Hadoken to fire at each other. Ryu's however proves to be too much for Rosanov, overwhelming his own blast and punching a large hole through his body, freeing Shun in the process. Rosanov crumbles to the ground with his grin still in his face, his mission accomplished as Sadler appears behind him after achieving the maximum amount of energy and data he needed.

Fighting Style

Rosanov has no distinct style. He mostly makes use of his intimidating size and strength to overwhelm his foes with brute force. He also relies on his incredible durability to grab his opponent when they attack him to perform deadly, life-threatening attacks. He can also fire black-green energy blasts from either his palms or his mouth when fighting from a distance. Despite his size, Rosnanov is incredible swift and is able to move fluently to overpower his opponents quickly.

After taking Shun into his body, he displays an increase in both strength and speed, able to harm the equally sized Birdie and can glide over the ground as he dashes towards his opponents. He also has access to Shun's Dark Hado, which allows him to fire off a Hadoken.

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