This is a list of quotes used by Rose.

Street Fighter Alpha series

Street Fighter Alpha

Win Quotes

  • "Are you done?"
  • "Forgive me."
  • "My fight is not with you."
  • "Power is nothing without skill."
  • "Today's lesson is over."

Rival Dialogue

Vs. M. Bison

Rose: "You've abused your powers for too long."

Bison: "I knew you'd come sooner or later. Let's finish this!"

Rose: "You do not deserve those gifts. The day of reckoning is here!"

Bison: "Stop making speeches and fight!"

Alpha 2

Rival Dialogues

Vs. Akuma

Rose: "You! You're the one with the Shoryuken power I feel!"

Akuma: "(Leave!)"

Rose: "You must be... (Akuma)!"

Akuma: "(Perish!)"

Vs. M. Bison

Rose: "Bison, you are on the wrong path. I've tried to warn you."

Bison: "Your annoying warnings mean nothing to me."

Rose: "I'll give you a count of three."

Bison: "1... 2... 2 1/2... 2 3/4..."

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Win Quotes

  • "A life shrouded in darkness is spent searching for the light..."
  • "Every action has the potential to fill or empty one's heart."
  • "Fate is fate, whether or not you choose to accept it!"
  • "I must continue on this path... Even if I must sacrifice myself!"
  • "If existence is a nightmare, one can only hope they are dreaming."
  • "The twinkling of the stars speak of your future..."
  • "Win or lose, you only achieve victory if you keep your soul!"
  • "You may know your fists, but how well do you know your heart?"

Rival Dialogues

Vs. Guy

Guy: "You are Rose, are you not? It's not right to give up your life, even for your mission. Risking life and surrendering it are two different things."

Rose: "My mind is made up. Is it your place to try and help me? Even if so, your help is not anything that I need nor want."


Guy: "Soul Power..." Most impressive! But never underestimate his power. He's a man of such evil energy, even my kindred fear him."

Rose: "Thanks for the advice, but I must continue on my path..."

Vs. Vega

Rose: "Vega! Warrior of Shadaloo! I've finally found you! You know where Bison is, don't you? Tell me!"

Vega: "I have no reason to do such... However, as your name implies you possess the beauty and thorns of a rose. So I shall adorn you in a pure red to suit your name better."


Vega: "Remember... Bison looks forward to your challenge... I don't understand his thinking, and I probably never will... Why would you dare to go to him, only to be slain in the end...?"

Rose: "By reading your mind, I now know where Bison is... Once divided, two separate fates unite. This is our fate... I don't know what awaits us... And neither does he..."

Vs. Juli and Juni

Bison: "You arrived earlier than I had anticipated... Sorry, but I have another appointment... Come back later."

Rose: "Bison! You can't avoid this... You know you can't... Since the day we met, fate knew it had to end in this way..."

Bison: "Ha ha ha ha! Don't be so melodramatic! Why don't you play with them if it's a challenge you desire? You have nothing to lose... Except perhaps your life..."

Vs. M. Bison

Rose: "Did you truly believe they could defeat me? There's no escape... for either of us..."

Bison: "A rose without thorns means friendship... Come now... I should never have allowed you to grow thorns..."

Rose: "No! That obedience is what caused all this tragedy... The game is over... Let's finish this now!"

Capcom Fighting Evolution

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Street Fighter IV series

Pre-fight intro

  • "You're nervous, aren't you?"


"No matter how many times I attempt to read the future, the answer is always the same. Only the Fool Card can stand up to him. It is the Card of Freedom and Beginnings... The Card of Reckless Heroism. I may be able to stop him temporarily, but I simply cannot destroy him, for I hold the same power inside me that Bison has. The fate of this card lies in the hands of one man. But he cannot act, until the stars align to herald his coming. I can only protect him, guide him, offer aid in his quest to destroy Bison. This will be my last mission."


Rose: "Where... Where am I? Ah, I remember now. Bison, he... (she sees a vision of Ryu confronting Bison) I can't feel a thing! Is this what it is to be dead?"

Guy: "Wake up. Don't you dare give in to the specter of death! I won't let you die here!"

Rose: "Not yet! There is still work left for me to do!"


  • "It cannot be helped."

Personal Actions

  • "Not bad."
  • "That's all for today."
  • "Power‘s not just about physical strength."
  • (chuckles)
  • "Believe in your OWN power."
  • "I will seal away evil power."
  • "Don't let arrogance get the best of you."
  • "Don't be careless!"
  • "What troubles you, friend?"
  • "You're not ready to face me."

Win Quotes

Versus Mode
  • "Are you hurt?"
  • "Embrace your destiny."
  • "I believe in the power of humanity."
  • "I have inflicted no grave injuries. Go now and recover."
  • "I sense a strength within you. We will meet again."
  • "I used to think of this power as a curse, but now I appreciate it."
  • "I'm so tired... I can hardly wait to relax with a nice bubble bath."
  • "That's all for today's lesson."
  • "True power is not just physical. Still, that hurt, didn't it?"
  • "Victory is mine, but there is always next time. Shall I foresee the outcome?"
  • "You are not cut out to be a fighter. It would be wise to seek another path."

Arcade Mode

Street Fighter IV
  • "Take this card... It will aid you in your quest to meet your destiny."
  • "I sense that you seek something. And it frightens me to no end!"
  • "I can see a star... It watches over you... Protects you..."
  • "No, this is not my job. It is... my destiny."
  • "We are both afraid, child. You fear the past, while I fear the future..."
  • "Think deeply before you make your next decision. Your destiny awaits..."
  • "Let go of your grudges. Dwelling on the past prevents you from moving forward."
  • "If your persistence can reach the heart of mankind, we needn´t fear the future."
  • "It´s clear to me that your spirit favors fighting over the culinary arts."
  • "Do you seek power for your own sake or merely to compare yourself to others?"
  • "I wish I could be like you and fight for the sake of someone I cared for..."
  • "Your stern look is not enough to hide your warm heart from my eyes."
  • "The fire of your soul is destined to protect your friend..."
  • "I sense fear in you. But worry not... Fear is a weakness we all share."
  • "I am sorry. But I simply cannot allow you to continue down this path."
  • "Seeing you gives me hope for the future."
  • "Your eyes are too clouded to see the real beauty of this world."
Super Street Fighter IV
  • "Think long and hard about from whence you came and recognize your weakness."
  • "I cannot see your future. My gift only works on those who are human."
  • "If you avert your gaze from the truth, your wishes will not come true."
  • "I am merely a fortune teller. I am not your enemy."
  • "Yes, I can tell the future. I don´t think you need me to, though."
  • "There is a kind of darkness that cannot be dispersed with a mere smile."
  • "You are like me, aren´t you? You can see things others cannot..."
  • "You will have all you desire if only you let go of what you are feeling now."
  • "I´m sorry, but I´m on a diet right now. I´ll have to pass this time."
  • "I sense a great power within you, much greater than you think."
  • "You know, don´t you? You are aware of the dead that observe you even now."
  • "You are gifted with the ability to accept your destiny with grace."
  • "Fortune telling is no use for men like you who forge their own destiny."
  • "I must move on. But allow me to thank you before I go, Guy."
  • "Do all you can now. This will help your future self achieve great things."
  • "Mark my words. Those who tamper with destiny will be haunted by it later."
  • "All of our destinies are linked. You, too, will play an important role."
  • "I will not allow your plan to come to fruition! You will not destroy me!"
  • "Listen to me. You must wait here. It is for your own good."
  • "When his path crossed yours, your destiny changed forever."
  • "Your lucky color? I am sorry, child, but my power doesn´t work that way."
  • "It is not too late. You can still change your own destiny."
  • "That hairstyle is not befitting of good fortune..."
  • "I sense a light shining within you. I also see men who aim to steal it."
Ultra Street Fighter IV
  • "Your mask puts a shroud over your fate. If only one more star was aligned..."
  • "You will grow during this adventure. You shall meet many friends as well."
  • "I can see a bright star guiding you. Do not lose sight of her!"
  • "Never forget your past as you forge ahead into the future."
  • "Even if you create your country, the real test will be maintaining the peace."
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